Spring 2 3rd grade drumming canon

Fong Swei  Chinese folk song for recorder and bars

Nestles assessment   Diatonic melodic awareness assessment

Pay Me My Money Down  A basic outline for a percussion group and singing

Chicken on the fence post lesson  Mixer for rhythmic awareness of 16th notes

burn-little-candles  Beautiful round for Hanukkah

angels-we-have-heard-on-high   Simple 2-part Christmas Carol

 woodburn chant   Simple percussion piece for school expectations

Cadance Rondo Drumming piece for intermediate cadence work

Power of One  Notes from NAfME Conference 2015 Spokane

Christmas is Coming   Christmas song for learning bordun/ostinato

Autumn Leaves scale song with movement

Dingle Dangle Scarecrow DMSL

Mr Shark

Blues Orff Arrangement

The Dancing Flute – A primary introduction to ballet

Five Little Peas – A primary passing game

Wibbleton- an introductory drumming piece

Sugar Plum Fairy

Juba Primary audiation movement piece

Three to get ready DB  Hand jive in mixed meter